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Rev. Dr. Steven N. Dial, Sr.

Pastor Steven N. Dial, Sr. was born in Bessemer, Alabama to the late Rev. Clifton Dial Sr. and Idella Dial. He’s a graduate of Alabama A & M University, and U.S. Army Artillery School, a proud member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, holds a Master of Arts in Ministry; and holds a doctorate in ministry from the Birmingham Theological Seminary where he is completed his research on teenage depression and poverty.  Pastor Dial was ordained in 1999 by the late Dr. George O. McCalep, Jr. of the Greenforest Community Baptist Church in Decatur, GA. where he served as the Youth and Young Adult Pastor for nine years.


 In 2007, Pastor Steven N. Dial, Sr., became the first African American Pastor of Rainbow Park Baptist Church in Decatur, GA.  Pastor Dial’s leadership style has provided the Atlanta Metro area with a community church that seeks to spread the gospel and good news, combat illiteracy, promote education, and build healthy family relationships. Pastor Dial’s spiritual and practical approach to ministry was also shaped through his own unique life experiences. From leading a group of 43 youth and adults to Ghana West Africa in 2003, to hosting and creating successful National Bible Bowl Tournaments, to creating a FREE Adult Literacy program in 2009. Under Pastor Dial’s leadership, The Park has become a pillar in the community. The food and clothing pantry distributes thousands of pounds of food and clothing for free to the community serving over 120 families weekly. Students are educated through a free GED program where over 100 students have completed their educational requirements and have gone on to enter college, the military, or the workforce.


Pastor Dial firmly believes in bridging partnership with key institutions both private and government.  The DeKalb Council on Literacy, The Technical College System of Georgia, and The Certified Community Learning Partnership where Rainbow Park Literacy Ministry has been a Certified Community Based Organization since 2009.  He partners with the NAACP to provide voter registration drives, speaking engagements at both county and state level agencies, as well as to local middle and high schools where he’s asked regularly to encourage youth to stay in school and achieve their dreams.  


Pastor Dial is the founder of The Rev. Clifton Dial Sr. Scholarship Foundation which has provided over $10,000 in scholarships and educational materials to deserving students needing to obtain their GED. The Foundation hosts an annual Golf Tournament each year to support ongoing literacy efforts in the community.  Pastor Dial is the Founder and Executive Director of the DeKalb Pastors Alliance where there mission is to work together for the political, social economic, crime, justice, education, and spiritual well-being of the great citizens of DeKalb County Georgia. Pastor Dial and the Alliance strive to work together, empower the community, and assist those responsible for upholding and protecting the rights of all.


Pastor Dial is the co-owner of Micah Books and an accomplished author of several books including The Lessons of Life to Achieve Your Dreams, Planting Seeds Family Daily Devotional, 90 Day Journey Through The New Testament, and Preparing Habits of Success Volume I.


Pastor Dial has been married to Lady Robin, his high school friend and college sweetheart for the past 32 years.  They are blessed and most proud of their two sons Steven II, News Reporter in Dallas, Texas and Micah, COO at Rainbow Park Baptist Church. 


Pastor Dial will celebrated his 12th year anniversary as the Senior Pastor of Rainbow Park Baptist Church on September 15, 2019.

Congratulations Pastor Dial

A Decade of Favor!

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