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The Reverend Clifton Dial, Sr. Scholarship Foundation

10th Annual Golf Tournament 

Rev. Dr. Steven N. Dial, Sr. of Rainbow Park Baptist Church in Decatur is hosting his 10th annual golf tournament to assist those seeking scholarships for GED testing.


Rainbow Park Baptist Church began providing free GED and literacy classes in 2007. The scholarship foundation was created in 2009 to assist students in paying for the test and also provide educational materials such as books, practice tests, graduation cap and gowns and other needed supplies.


The foundation has assisted more than 500 students in preparing for or passing their GED Test.


Rev. Clifton Dial, Sr. had to drop out of high school when his father was killed. He took on the responsibility of taking care of his siblings. Pastor Steven Dial shared as a teen, he remembers his own father getting his GED. The great thing is he didn’t stop there. The elder Dial received his bachelor’s degree, and went on to get an advanced Ministerial Degree as well.


The journey is one that helped inspire the start of the foundation. The Rev. Clifton Dial Sr. Scholarship Tournament is held every third Saturday in September. 


Thanks to all your donations, we are now providing Drop OutRecovery Educational Services to students 16-24. Help us help them reach their goals of obtaining their GED. We have added online classes so students can maximize the learning opportunity in the comfort of their own homes.

Join us September 14, 2019 as we embark upon the rolling hills of Browns Mill Golf course. Your support is needed to make this day a great success.


Please bring a friend and join us for an exciting day of golf while giving back to the community.


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